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Program Overview

KPJUC Bachelor Physiotherapy course offers a wide range of quality clinical placement settings and good curriculum content. The exercise of clinical skills and critical thinking based learning is at the heart of this program. Teaching methods are varied and include lectures, group work and self-directed learning. They are trained to restore mobility, alleviate pain and suffering and work to prevent permanent disability in patients.


Career Opportunity

Physiotherapists are trained professionals working in health care. The job of a physical therapist is preventive, restorative and rehabilitative. Physiotherapy is a wide and varied profession with plenty of opportunities for advancing your future. Further into their career, a physiotherapist may choose to specialise in a particular area which they are passionate about, such as sports injuries or elderly care.


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Name : Pradeep Balakrishnan

Email : pradeep@kpjuc.edu.my


  • Code – N/726/6/0036 (1/2026) (MQA/FA1679)

  • Duration – Full Time (4 Years / 8 Long Semesters)
  • Fees – Local: RM80,000 / International : RM115,000
  • Mode : Full Time
  • Campus : KPJUC Nilai
  • Intake –  March and September
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Malaysian students:

Obtained MUET Band 3 or IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL 550
Pass Matriculation / Pre-University / STPM programme or equivalent qualification with CGPA 2.33 in TWO of the following subjects :

  • Biology
  • Physics / Mathematics
  • Chemistry


A-Level programme or equivalent with minimum Grade D in TWO of the following subjects :

  • Biology
  • Physics / Mathematics
  • Chemistry


 Recognised Diploma with minimum CGPA of 2.75 in related field;


Recognised Diploma with CGPA less than 2.75 in related field and a minimum of 3 years (36 months) working experience in the related field.

International Students:

In addition of the above requirements:

  • Pass International English Language Testing Services (IELTS) with a minimum of 5.5 or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum of 550


Study of human anatomy, physiology and foundation structure and function of the human body.

Psychological development, learning and conditioning, memory and cognition, individual differences, motivation, emotion, personality, sensation and perception.

This tertiary level English course prepares students with the appropriate methods of literature search, essay writing and correct language in delivering arguments

The content is designed to enhance student’s knowledge in human movement. The module focusses on the kinematic and kinetic of human movement, structure and function of joint, and muscle in human movement. 

Introduction to Computer Applications is designed to familiarize students with computers and their applications.

Kursus ini dibentuk untuk memberi pendedahan kepada pelajar bagaimana untuk mengenali bahasa Arab dari segi perkataan dan kaedah

Content is designed to enhance learning of the principles of exercise and the effects of therapeutic modality exercise and assessment methods used in rehabilitation activities.

This subject introduces students with the basic concepts of pathological changes following inflammation, injury, tissue healing process and various medical disorders.  It covers the classification of microorganism, different type of tumours, infection process, and principles of prevention on communicable disease.

This subject will enable the students to understand the development of nervous system and neuro anatomy of nervous system which is relevant to the physiotherapy management

The content of this module introduces students the basic principles of human biomechanics, analyzing normal human movement, gait, posture and it relations to the physiotherapy applications.

This course will provide students with the basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body systems and will enable them to apply this knowledge to other related courses.

Knowledge in Kinesiology of structure and function of vertebrae column, hip, knee, ankle, foot and analyzes the human gait.

To understand about the physiological and therapeutic effects and principles applications of various type and techniques of the physiotherapeutic skills

Knowledge in physiological, therapeutic effects, indication, contraindication and application of low frequency current and cryotherapy. 

Konsep asas, latar belakang dan realiti sosial masa kini hubungan etnik di Malaysia dari perspektif kesepaduan sosial. Menerima kepelbagaian sosio-budaya etnik di Malaysia.

Knowledge of indication, application techniques and contraindication of medium frequency current modalities,

Understand the musculoskeletal injuries, medical management and physiotherapy intervention on such conditions.

This subject covers the obstructive and restrictive respiratory disorders, it assessments and management on such cases, physiotherapy management of care and evaluation of respiratory care. The practical session will enables the students to carry out the physiotherapy techniques, and management on medical respiratory conditions.

Provide the basic concepts of patient care, including consideration for the physical and psychological needs of the patient

Ilmu ketamadunan yang meliputi perkembangan dan interaksi ketamadunan Asia, tamadun Islam, Melayu, Cina, India.

This subject will enable the students to understand about the degenerative disorder, rheumatology and hemophilia disorder, physiotherapy assessment and management on such cases. The practical session will enable the students to carry out manual and mechanical traction, Maitland and Mc Kenzie treatment technique accordingly.

This subject will enable the students to understand about the thoracic surgery, patient management and care following surgery, patient management and care in intensive care and medical management following cardiac surgery. It covers the physiotherapy management techniques on respiratory a following cardiac surgery. The practical session will enables the students carry out physiotherapy management and rehabilitation techniques.

This subject introduces various neurological and neuromuscular injuries and disorders, pathogenesis, clinical features, physiotherapy assessment and management on such cases.

This subject will enable the students to understand about the general concepts of pharmacology, it uses and side effects on various human body systems

This subject will enable the students to understand the roles of multidiscipline team members in providing holistic care on patient’s management. Application of physiotherapy assessment and management on various medical conditions. 

Provide student on entrepreneurship. An idea to form own  entrepreneurial firm.

To understand about the lower neuron diseases and physiotherapy assessment techniques and management on such neurological conditions.

Introduces the anatomy of pelvic region, process of pregnancy mother and various gynecological conditions. It covers the roles of physiotherapy role in providing health care for women.

The students will learn the roles of health care providers, the important of effective communication, team work, and problems solving skills in clinical practice.

To understand about the evidence-based knowledge and its relation to the physiotherapy practices.

The students learned to analyze the problems using parametric or non-parametric test via determine the hypothesis and data distribution.

Introduces to various neuromuscular conditions. It includes the physiotherapy assessment, management’s skills for children

Introduces the various types of research methods, designs and process.

Subjek ini dibentuk untuk memberi maklumat dan kefahaman yang jelas berkenaan kepentingan dasar awam serta proses pembentukan dasar di Malaysia

Covers sport related injuries, principles of sport injury prevention, investigations, medical and physiotherapy management of such conditions.

The students are exposed to varying levels of difficulty in problem solving, assessment and management strategies.

To understand about medical gerontology with regards to normal physiology of aging, various manifestation of aging and physiotherapy management of geriatric patient.

To understand about the management and rehabilitation following spinal cord related injury.

It covers the legislation aspect, various occupational hazards, classification of risks, principles of prevention and hierarchy of control, and musculoskeletal work-related disorders and injuries

To apply physiotherapy skills in providing holistic patient care and management of gerontology and spinal injuries

The purpose of the course is to provide understanding and appreciation in implementing community engagement projects. The students are expected to be able to practice values and ethics, leadership and teamwork as well as social responsibilities.

Students are required to develop a research projects related to the physiotherapy practice and clinical area.

The students are exposed to varying levels of difficulty in problem solving, assessment and management strategies in various conditions and demonstrate the ability to interpret and synthesis data relevant to various patient conditions and deliver safe and effective treatment.


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