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Date of Convocation
The 23rd Convocation Ceremony will be held at Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur.

Please visit our website at http://www.kpjuc.edu.my/convocation2019 for the latest information.

2.1  The Graduation Fee is RM 250.00 only.
2.2  Payment can be made by either one of the followings:

  • Online payment (internet banking) through “JomPay” from any local banks
    Biller Code: 60277
    Ref-1: Student’s Matric Number (compulsory) example: 3052191010
    Ref-2: Telephone Number (compulsory) example: 01115567778/convo
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM Machine) Bank Islam through the following steps
    Step 1: Insert card with pin number
    Step 5: Key-in the Amount > Transaction Done and Print the Receipt (Payment Slip)
  • Cash Deposit Machine (CDM Machine) Bank Islam through the following steps
    Step 1: Select “YURAN IPT / BILL PRESENTMENT” menu
    Step 2: Key-in STUDENT IC NUMBER
    Step 3: Select “PUTERI NURSING” > Deposit  and Confirm / Validate the amount paid
    Step 4: Transaction Done and Print the Receipt (Payment Slip)
  • Credit Card or Debit Card payment through the counter at the Department of Finance, KPJUC.

2.3  No cash payment will be accepted for the Graduation Fee.

2.4  Please bring along the ORIGINAL COPY of your proof of payment on 10 December 2019 during the Registration Day for confirmation of your payment and attendance.

2.5  Please be reminded that Scroll, Academic Transcript and other Certificate of studywill only be released after the convocation and after all outstanding fees are paid. The fee may include tuition fees and all other borrowings from KPJUC/KPJIC. All outstanding MUST BE SETTLED BY 29 NOVEMBER 2019 at the Department of Finance, KPJUC, Nilai Campus or at KPJIC Johor Bahru/Penang. Refer to 1.1 (i, ii, iii and iv) for the methods of payment.

  • All Graduands attending the Convocation Ceremony are to dress appropriately for the auspicious ceremony:

  • The Convocation is a University event. Graduands who do not adhere to the dress code will NOT BE ALLOWED to join and enter the convocation hall.

Queue Card

  • Each graduand will receive a Queue Card during Registration Day. The Queue Card states your name and academic programme which to be announced electronically.
  • The card will only be distributed during the Registration & Rehearsal day.
  • The card MUST BE be presented to the Floor Manager during the Convocation Day on the 11 December 2019. Lost of card will incur a penalty fee of RM 20.00 and a replacement card can only be processed during the Registration Day.

Briefing & Rehearsals

  •  A Convocation Briefing and Rehearsal session will be held at Dewan Merdeka, PWTC as follows;
    Date : 10 December 2019
    Time : 2.30 pm
  • All Graduands are COMPULSORY to attend the briefing and rehearsal. This will familiarize the graduands with the flow of event.
  • Failure to attend the Briefing and Rehearsal session may result in graduands being barred from the Convocation ceremony.

Graduands’ Procession

  • Graduands MUST SHOW the Queue Card before entering the line-up.
  • All graduands are reminded to gather at the designated area outside of Dewan Merdeka at 7.00 am. The procession to enter the hall will commence at 8.00 am WITHOUT DELAY.
  • Graduands who are late will NOT BE ALLOWED to be part of the procession and your Queue Card will be AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED.
  • During the Ceremony, graduands are required to follow all the rules and regulations from the Floor Managers.
  • The entrance door  will be CLOSED after the final graduand enters the convocation hall. NO MOVEMENT OF IN-OUT will be allowed after that.
  • Graduands and Guests with special cases (pregnant, disabled or injured) need to inform the University at least 2 weeks before the Convocation Day for any special arrangement.

Conferment Arrangement

  • The arrangement of seating for graduands will be decided by the Floor Manager according to your academic programmes.
  • Graduands will receive their scrolls on the stage. Your name will be recited through the QUEUE CARD.
  • Graduands ARE NOT ALLOWED to leave the hall until the Ceremony ends. This is to give a full respect to the Convocation Ceremony, graduands and to fulfill the stated tradition.

Collection of Certificates / Diplomas

  • Graduands may collect your certificate as soon as the convocation session is over until 4.00 pm at the lobby of Dewan Merdeka.
  • Additional fee will be charged if you wish to get an extra copy of transcript. It should be done at the University/College office.
  • All graduands are required to settle the outstanding fees. Official certificates / transcripts / APC / diplomas, etc will not be released unless the fee is fully paid

Graduands cooperation in adhering to the rules and regulations of KPJUC & KPJIC 23rd Convocation is very much appreciated.


  • In case of emergency during the event / ceremony, kindly contact the Dean / Programme coordinator.
  • Graduans, Guests and friends should arrive minimum of one hours before the Ceremony.
  • Parking will be available at basement of PWTC.

*Rules and regulation are subject to changes without prior notice.

Please check your name before confirm your attendance.



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