Collection and Return  of Convocation Robes

  • Graduands are to ensure that all the relevant payments have been made.
  • Graduands are to ensure that;
    a) the academic robe / hood received are in good condition; and
    b) the correct label/hood colour according to your school (will be advised during collection process).
  • Robes must be collected by the graduands in person.
  • Graduands are not allowed to alter or amend any part of the robes. The Secretariat will not be liable for any lost or damaged items.
  • The collection and return of the robe / hood will take place at the Dewan Orchid 6, Bangi Avenue Convention Centre. The schedule is as follows;

  • If Graduands wish to return the robe after 15 June 2022, please contact the Vendor (Lakaran Tuah Sdn. Bhd.) directly (Contact No. 016-200 8903). Penalty fees will be assessed on the day of the delay.

Collection of Certificates / Diplomas

  • Graduands may collect your Scroll, Academic Transcript and other Certificate during registration Tuesday, 14 June 2022.
  • Additional fee will be charged if you wish to get an extra copy of transcript. It should be done at the University/College office.
  • All graduands are required to settle the outstanding fees. Official certificates / transcripts / APC / diplomas, etc will not be released unless the fee is fully paid (refer to Graduation Fee).

Graduands cooperation in adhering to the rules and regulations of KPJUC 24th Convocation is very much appreciated.