Event Details
Registration Date    : 14 June 2022
Day      : Tuesday
Time    : 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Rehearsal Date    : 14 June 2022
Day      : Tuesday
Time    : 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Convocation Day Date    : 15 June 2022
Day      : Wednesday
Time    : 7:30 am – 1:00 pm (Session 1)  &  2:00 pm – 4:30 pm (Session 2)
Venue Bangi Avenue Convention Centre (BACC), Pusat Perniagaan Bangi Avenue,
Persiaran Bangi Avenue, Seksyen 2, Taman Bangi Avenue, Kajang Selangor, Malaysia



Tracer Study
Date : 15 June 2022
Day : Wednesday
Time :
7:30 am – 1:00 pm (Session 1)
2:00 pm – 4:30 pm (Session 2)


  • Please make sure the payment slip is ready (scanned or captured through your mobile phone / camera).
  • Visit and complete the confirmation of attendance form by 16 May 2022. The payment slip must be uploaded together with the form.
  • Confirmation of attendance is subject to settlement of all arrears of fees with the University.
  • Graduands are not allowed to defer the Convocation Ceremony or nominate others to attend the Convocation on their behalf without the approval of University.
  • Registration and Rehearsal will be held on Tuesday, 14 June 2022 at the Registration Counter, BACC. Registration will commence from at 9.00 am until 2.00 pm.

Graduation Fee

1. The Graduation Fee is RM 250.00 only.

2. Payment can be made by either one of the followings :

  • Online payment (internet banking) through “JomPay” from any local banks

Biller Code: 60277

Ref-1: Student’s Matric Id (compulsory) example: 3052191010
Ref-2: Telephone Number (compulsory) example: 01115567778/convo

  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM Machine) Bank Islam through the following steps

Step 1: Insert card with pin number
Step 5: Key-in the Amount > Transaction Done and Print the Receipt (Payment Slip)

  • Cash Deposit Machine (CDM Machine) Bank Islam through the following steps

Step 1: Select “YURAN IPT / BILL PRESENTMENT” menu
Step 3: Select “PUTERI NURSING” > Deposit and Confirm / Validate the amount paid
Step 4: Transaction Done and Print the Receipt (Payment Slip)

  • Credit Card or Debit Card payment through the counter at the Department of Finance, KPJUC
  •  No cash payment will be accepted for the Graduation Fee.
  • Please bring along the ORIGINAL COPY of the payment proof on Registration Day, 14 June 2022 for confirmation of your payment to attend the ceremony.
  • Please be reminded that Scroll, Academic Transcript and other Certificate of study will only be released on the Registration day after all OUTSTANDING fees are paid. The fee may include tuition fees and all other borrowings from KPJUC/KPJIC. All outstanding MUST BE SETTLED BY 16 MAY 2022 at the Department of Finance, KPJUC, Nilai Campus or at KPJIC Johor Bahru/Penang. Refer to 2.2 (i, ii, iii and iv) for the payment methods.

Queue Card

  • Each graduand will receive a Queue Card during Registration Day. The Queue Card states your name and academic programme which to be announced electronically.
  • The card will only be distributed during the Registration & Rehearsal day.
  • The card MUST BE be presented to the Floor Manager during the Convocation Day on the 15 June 2022.
  • Lost of card will incur a penalty fee of RM 20.00 and a replacement card can only be processed during the Registration Day.

 Entrance Pass

  •  Each graduand are allow to bring maximum of two (2) guests/family members to attend the Convocation Ceremony.
  • The Convocation Committee will provide the Entrance Pass card to the graduands on the Registration Day.
  • IMPORTANT: The Entrance Pass MUST be shown at the entrance of Grand Ballroom. Kindly give the Entrance Pass card to your parents / guests so that they can present to the Convocation Committee to allow them entering the Grand Ballroom.
  • No new card will be issued for the lost of Entrance Pass.

Briefing & Rehearsal

  • A Convocation Briefing and Rehearsal session will be held at Grand Ballroom, BACC as follows;
    Date : 14 June 2022
    Time : 12:00 pm
  • All Graduands are COMPULSORY to attend the briefing and rehearsal. This will familiarize the graduands with the flow of event. Graduands are recommended to view the Video Guideline before attending the rehearsals.
  • Failure to attend the Briefing and Rehearsal session may result in graduands being barred to attend the Convocation ceremony.

    • Video Guideline :


  • In case of emergency during the event / ceremony, kindly contact the Dean / Programme coordinator.
  • Graduans, Guests and friends should arrive minimum of one hours before the Ceremony.
  • Parking will be available at multi-level parking of BACC at RM3/per entry (flat rate)
  • Parents/Guests may purchase flower bouquet for your beloved graduating one at the available Florist Booths during the ceremony

 *Rules and regulation are subject to changes without prior notice.


Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following numbers:


  1. Received, read, and understood the information on the KPJUC, KPJIC, MCHM 24th  Convocation Ceremony 2022
  2. Completed the Graduate Monitoring Survey 2022 (TRACER) and print out the Survey Slip. The Slip must be produced during Registration Day.
  3. Checked and paid all outstanding fees which may include tuition fees and / or penalties by 16 May 2022
  4. Paid the Graduation Fee of RM 250.
  5. Complete the Attendance Form at 2022
  6. Presented the Survey Slip to the Registration Counter during Registration Day on 14 June 2022 at Dewan Orchid 6, BACC (Registration Counter should be open opened by 9.00 am).
  7. Presented the original copy of proof of payment at the Department of Finance counter and collected the Receipt of Payment (Graduation Fee), a Queue Card and two (2) Entrance Pass.
  8. Attended the Briefing and Rehearsal Ceremony for the Convocation on 14 June 2022 from 12.30 pm onwards.
  9. Arrived early by 7.00 am with ample food taken during breakfast on the Convocation day.
  10. With the QUEUE CARD in hands and ENTRANCE PASS with guests, all must congregate at the stipulated area at Grand Ballroom, BACC. Guests will be guided to their seats immediately. The main door will be CLOSED FOR IN-OUT MOVEMENT by 8.00 am for all guests for committee and Floor Manager preparation.
  11. Returned the robe / hood on the 15 June 2022 ONLY from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Please download the checklist for your reference