KPJ Healthcare University College offers KPJUC Medical Specialty Fellowship Award to young physicians from ASEAN countries. The award recipient will do a 3 months clinical specialty fellowship at KPJ Specialist hospitals. It offers fellows a unique one-to-one apprenticeship training, supervision and career advice by a team of experienced and renowned medical consultants in the specialty at selected KPJ Specialist hospitals. The objective of the Fellowship Award are:

  • To provide opportunity to young physicians in ASEAN countries to learn and acquire clinical skills from experienced and renowned medical consultants at KPJ Specialist hospitals.

  • To enhance communication and mobility of physicians in the ASEAN region and promotion of health tourism

  • A platform for KPJ Healthcare to contribute towards teaching and training of young physicians in ASEAN and indirectly elevating standard of patient-care in the region.


The Medical Specialty

The KPJ Medical Specialty Fellowship Award for 2020 is in ORTHOPEDICS. Fellows will undergo a 3 months fellowship at KPJ Tawakkal Specislist Hospital in Kuala Lumpur under the supervision of three KPJ senior orthopaedics consultants namely Dr. G Ruslan Nazaruddin, Dato’ Dr. Abdul Muiz Abd Razak and Dr. Abdul Hadi Husin. Fellows will be exposed to the whole range of clinical management of orthopaedics problems. The supervisors are senior consultants with experience in sub-specialties which include joint replacements, spine surgery, arthroscopy and sports injury.

The KPJUC Medical Specialty Award provides the fellows:

  • A three months clinical attachment in the chosen medical specialty or sub-specialty at selected KPJ Specialist hospitals in Malaysia.
  • Flight tickets from the country of origin
  • Three months living allowance and accommodation allowance

Fellows are expected to:

  • Participate actively in all clinical activities to maximize the clinical exposure and experiences
  • Provide a full written report of the experiences gained through the fellowship upon completion of the fellowship
  • Disseminate their skills and knowledge gained to colleagues in their home country
  • Form and alumni of KPJ Medical Specialty Fellows and actively communicate with their supervisors at KPJ Specialist hospitals and KPJ Healthcare University College.

Requirements for Applicants

  • Applicants must be graduates of School of Medicine who have completed their postgraduate specialist training programme recognized in their home country
  • Applicants must be between 35 to 45 years old on the date that the application is filed
  • Applicants must submit their applications from their home country with evidence of working in the country for more than a year in the medical specialty
  • Applicants must have demonstrated a commitment to public service and teaching in accordance with the standards of the applicant’s country
  • Preference may be given to applicants who have not already experienced training fellowship overseas. Early careerists are deemed more suitable than those who are serving in senior management appointments.
  • Please send Letters of Recommendation to be submitted independently from three Referees to [email protected]
  • The KPJUC Medical Specialty Fellowship Award must be used in the year for which they are designated. They cannot be postponed.
  • An unsuccessful applicant may reapply only once in subsequent years.
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