1. Parents and guests are advised to have breakfast before entering the hall.
  2. Dress Code (Gents) : National Dress / Lounge Suit / ‘Batik’ / Proper Attire (Ladies)   : National Dress / Neat / Proper Attire
  3. Parents and guests shall enter the hall through the designated entrance.
  4. IMPORTANT: Guests under 12 YEARS OLD ARE NOT ALLOWED into the Convocation Hall.
  5. Mobile phones must be ‘SWITCHED OFF’ or set in ‘SILENT MODE’.
  6. Parents and guests are prohibited from bringing bouquets or flowers or souvenirs into the hall as they may disrupt the seating arrangement of other guests. Kindly turn-off your camera flash.
  7. The use of ‘FLASH LIGHTS’ is ‘STRICTLY PROHIBITED’ as it might affect the quality of photos taken by our professional photographers. No one is allowed to come up to the front row to take photographs or video during the Convocation Ceremony.
  8. Guests ‘ARE NOT ALLOWED’ to leave the hall until end of the Ceremony.
  9. Guests are advised to follow the instructions upon entering and leaving the hall as to ease the flow of movement. Again, NO MOVEMENT OF IN-OUT during convocation ceremony.