Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CoEPS) was officially established on 18th July 2019. Prior to the establishment of CoEPS, the Pharmaceutical Sciences Centre which was responsible for all the industry integrated academic excellence related activities in School of Pharmacy, KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC) had been formed. In early 2019, the School of Pharmacy proposed to the KPJUC top management to develop a centre focusing on industry integrated academic excellence research activities to be known as the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CoPS).

VISION: The pioneer of industry integrated academic excellence

MISSION: Collaborating with the industry to provide academic excellence

  The proposal was endorsed by the KPJUC Board of Directors. In January 2020, CoPS underwent rebranding in order to expand its capabilities and operations to meet the changing needs of the local pharmaceutical industries. A total of 9 staffs from Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences with Health Sciences, Diploma in Pharmacy and Laboratory Services were appointed as CoPS members of staff. In addition, 3 students from different programme under School of Pharmacy were appointed as well as student representative in the centre.

 The Centre name’s was finally changed to the current Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CoEPS) effective from 20th January 2020 to better reflect its operations and services. CoEPS had established several collaborations with players in the industries especially in pharmaceutical sciences industries such as AHS Laboratory Supplies, Thoyyib Pharma Sdn Bhd, Royce Pharma Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and Mecomb Malaysia Sdn Bhd as well as with other local university, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS).

The Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CoEPS) is the fruit of a new vision towards the future. Academic excellence has moved beyond lecture halls and auditoriums into the realm of industry. The School of Pharmacy has stepped out of its shell to harness this change and ride the wave of integration between the academia and the industry.

As the Director of the CoEPS, I would love to see the change taking shape right here, right now. It is a very timely transition as the work market demands characters of high quality and expertise. This is only possible if the academia and industry work hand-in-hand towards producing these competent individuals.

The advent and advancement of technology has placed the world within our palms in the form of small screens. Globalisation is also inevitable. Hence, academia has to change too. Ideas of having university in-situ within an industry is also an approachable trend of the future. Our students will be given that opportunity to equip themselves for better competitiveness.

KPJ Healthcare UC, School of Pharmacy shall not wait any longer. The CoEPS provides the opportunity for our students and staff to soar to higher standards by opening our doors to the industry and venturing into their worlds as well. May this integration carry us to higher achievements.

Mdm Bama V.V. Menon
Director CoEPS and
Deputy Dean,
School of Pharmacy,
Pharm (Hons), M. Clin Pharm
RPh, MPS, GCP Certified

Pre Formulation & Dosage Form Design

  • Pre Formulation Studies

We offer the basic pre-formulation studies for drugs and excipients from natural and synthetic origin. Bulk characterization, solubility analysis, enhancement of solubility of poorly soluble drugs, and the drug excipient compatibility studies are the major areas covered as part of the pre-formulation research and training.

We explore the natural polymers and excipients extracted from herbal and marine sources to develop dosage forms like TABLETS, SUSPENSIONS, EMULSIONS, GELS, CREAMS, etc. for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

  • Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Our laboratory is well equipped with research scale sophisticated equipment like the mixer, high shear granulator, fluidized bed dryer, automated double-layer tablet press, pan coating machine, etc. for research and training on solid oral dosage forms such as conventional and sustained-release tablets. Our focus of research and training is the development of tablets and multi-particulate drug delivery systems including granules, beads, and microspheres using tablet press, granulators and extruders, emulsification, and solvent evaporation techniques. Quality analysis through mock IPQC tests (Hardness, friability, content uniformity, disintegration, dissolution, compatibility studies – IR, HPLC.) are run to determine the safety, efficacy, and stability of the prepared dosage forms.

  • Novel Transdermal & Trans mucosal Drug Delivery Systems

Gels are the most accepted semi-solid dosage forms due to their elegant appearance, ease of application, and removal. Gels are used as muco-adhesive formulations for increased contact time and better efficacy. At our laboratory, projects are undertaken to develop novel bio-adhesive and muco-adhesive gels using natural and synthetic polymers, and in-situ gelling technology for topical and systemic administration of therapeutic agents.

  • Instruments/Facilities Available:
    • Bulk Density Apparatus
    • Angle of Repost Apparatus
    • Sieve Shaker
    • 3D Mixer
    • High Shear Granulator
    • Fluidised Bed Dryer
    • Tablet Press
    • Coating Machine
    • Dissolution Apparatus
    • Viscometer
    • Diffusion Cell
    • Fourier Transform Infra –Red Spectrophotometer
    • Flame Photometer
    • High Performance Liquid Chromatography
    • Gas Chromatography
    • Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
  • Drug Discovery & Screening

The facilities available for toxicological studies (Acute toxicity, 14 day and 28 day Repeated dose toxicity, screening of drugs by POWER LAB System (AD instrument). The facilities include for screening of drugs to treat pathologies of cardiovascular system (hypertension, dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis and stroke Models. Central Nervous System screening facilities for Anxiety, depression and memory related problems. Other related facilities also available for metabolic disorders and inflammation. Development of suitable animal models, to evaluate synthetic compounds, plant extracts or fractions are the activities of the project in quest of new target based drugs. We undertake academic and industrial research projects and provide training for toxicological studies and pharmacological studies for drug development

  • Experiments on Pre-Clinical Animal Model

Screening methods in research models i.e. CNS evaluation- ICV injection, cerebral lesion methods, neurotransmitter evaluation methods, Anti-diabetic, Anti-asthmatic, Antiepileptic, Antiulcer, Aphrodisiac, CVS (POWER LAB) and analgesic   and anti-inflammatory evaluation.   

  • Instruments/Facilities Available:
    • PowerLab – Cardiovascular/ Respiratory Apparatus
    • Auto analyzer
    • ELISA plate Reader
    • Spirometery
    • Rota Rod Apparatus
    • Hot Plate Instrument
    • Tail Flick Apparatus
    • Open Field apparatus
    • Y Maze
    • Digital Microscope