Graduands’ Procession

  1. Graduands MUST SHOW the Queue Card before entering the line-up.
  2. All graduands are reminded to gather at the designated area at foyer, Level 1 Grand Ballroom at 7.30 am. The procession to enter the hall will commence at 8.00 am WITHOUT DELAY.
  3. Graduands who are late will NOT BE ALLOWED to be part of the procession and your Queue Card will be AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED.
  4. During the Ceremony, graduands are required to follow all the rules and regulations from the Floor Managers.
  5. The entrance door will be CLOSED after the final graduand enters the convocation hall. NO MOVEMENT OF IN-OUT will be allowed after that.
  6. Graduands and Guests with special cases (pregnant, disabled or injured) need to inform the University at least 2 weeks before the Convocation Day for any special arrangement.

Conferment Arrangement

  1. The arrangement of seating for graduands will be decided by the Floor Manager according to your academic programmes.
  2. Graduands will receive their scrolls on the stage. Your name will be called through the QUEUE CARD.
  3. Graduands ARE NOT ALLOWED to leave the hall until the Ceremony ends. This is to give a full respect to the Convocation Ceremony, graduands and to fulfill the stated tradition.