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Tajuk Pengetua
Effectiveness of Educational Intervention Program on Knowledge Regarding Breast-Self Examination among Higher Secondary School Girls in Seremban
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhayati Mohd Zain
The Clinical Placement Expectations and Experiences among Students in a Private Institutions
Shasindrau Balakrishnan
Compare the Effective of Therapeutic Ultrasound and Static Stretching on Non-specific Neck Pain among Private Institution Population by Using Range of Motion and Neck Disability Index
Wafiqah Azman
New Graduates’ Perception towards The Transition Program in General Wards in a Private Health Settings
Dr. Annamma Kunju Kunju
Students’ Readiness for Inter Professional Learning (IPL) in KPJ Healthcare University College
Dr. Puziah Yusuf
Development of Mucoadhesive Gel for the Effective Delivery of Posaconazole in the Treatment of Oral Candidiasis
Dr. Abdullah Khan
Compliance of Cosmetic Advertisements with the Advertising Regulations and Guidelines in Malaysia
Mohd Faiz Abdul Ghani
Evaluation of an Intermediate English CPD course for Menara Employees
Masmiza Mustafar
Public Practices and Beliefs Concerning Antibiotic Storage, Sharing and Disposal among Adults
Jaasminerjiit Kaur


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