Research Management Centre (RMC) is the research arm of the university.  It was created to manage research, consultancy, intellectual property protection and commercialisation. Its duties are extended to initiate new research and innovation activities.  In particular, RMC conducts seminars, workshops and roadshows to encourage and train the academics and non-academic staff on research and consultancy, securing research grants and projects, managing their finances and publishing research work.  It also handles the university’s Research Ethics Committee.   In the same vein, RMC organises expositions of innovations and research to encourage innovations and inventions within the university’s environment.




  1. The RMC Mission is to guide and facilitate research in line with the needs and interests of the people towards excellence in national and international research.
  2. To remain competitive in the higher education sector and respond to the changing needs of education, KPJUC must embark in research in order to excel and be the preferred university in providing training in healthcare education, research and innovation. Thus, the research mission statement is as follows:
  • Advancing medical science through research activities


KPJUC intends to achieve the following research objectives:

  • To ensure the conduct of excellent health related research by outlining research priorities and providing adequate support.
  • To encourage all academic staff to engage in outcome-oriented research activities in their areas of specialization.
  • To ensure that students who are involved in research receive proper training and equipped with problem solving and lifelong learning skills
  • To develop a research culture and disseminate research information in line with the needs of the community.
  • To promote research collaboration and linkages with other institutions and agencies within and outside the country.



Research Niche/Areas

To achieve excellence and build expertise, KPJUC prioritizes on research areas as follow:

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