The Resource Centre (RC) plays an important role to support the teaching, learning and researching process in KPJUC. Located at Level 3 Academic Building Block B, RC not only provides the printed resources such as books, printed journals, thesis, magazines, and annual report but the collection also including online journals and e-books databases.

Opening Semester Semester Break Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

Monday, Thursday & Friday

8.30 am – 5.30 pm

Tuesday & Wednesday

8.30 am – 8.00 pm

Monday – Friday

8.30 am – 5.30 pm


Services and Facilities:

The Resource Centre provides the following services and facilities to students and academic staffs

  • Loan, return & renewal of materials
  • Reference
  • Online database access
  • Wifi
  • Photocopy service
  • Discussion room


Our collection of resources including

  • Books,
  • E-books
  • Printed journal
  • Printed magazines
  • Online database (e-books & e-journals)
  • Thesis
  • Annual report
  • AV Materials (e.g DVD & CD)
  1. Students are not allowed to enter the RC before and after the opening hours.
  2. Students must wear a student ID card upon entering the RC.
  3. Students must scan QR code for attendance at the counter.
  4. Physical distancing must be practicing at all times.
  5. Food, drink, cases, and folders are not allowed to be taken into the RC and should be left in the bag shelves near the entrance/exit. Students are advised to keep their valuable items with them at all times. The RC will not be responsible for the loss of any valuable items.
  6. Students must show all books and other personal belongings to the staff at the entrance/exit whenever required for security check.
  7. Eating, drinking, loitering, smoking, improper behavior and excessive noise are strictly prohibited in the RC. Every student has to follow the dress code of the college.
  8. Silence must be observed at all times. Handphones should be put into vibration/silence mode while in the RC.
  9. Students found vandalizing or stealing RC properties are subject to disciplinary actions.


  1. All registered KPJUC students automatically become a member.
  2. KPJUC staff to fill up the membership form https://forms.gle/kPCS5KNUDpHRUqmD6


  1. All materials can be borrowed at the Counter counter.
  2. Students are not allowed to borrow on behalf of other students.
  3. There are 2 types of books in the RC:

           i) OPEN SHELVES
          ii) RED SPOT



  • Each student will be allowed to borrow a maximum of three (3) books at one time for 1 week.
  • Renewable/extending of the borrowed books is only once.


  • A maximum of five (5) books can be borrowed at one time for 2 weeks.  Renewable of the  books is only twice.


    – For internal use only & only one (1) book per student will be allowed at one time.

  1. All borrowed items must be handled with care. Report to the RC staff if there is any damage or missing pages.
  2. General reference (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc), magazines (bound or loose), and newspapers are to be referred to internally. Borrowing out   only considered for some circumstances but prior approval from the Head of Department is required.


  1. The borrower must return the book at the circulation counter.
  2. All books(s) must be borrowed/ returned during operation hours. Otherwise, it will be considered overdue and fines will be imposed. Please check the service hours on the RC Bulletin Board or enquire from the RC staff.



  • Book(s) returned after the due date is subject to overdue charges.
  • A daily fine of RM 0.50 will be imposed for any overdue books and other materials.
  • Students will NOT be allowed to borrow other books or any other materials until they have settled their fines


  • A daily fine of RM 0.50 in the first week  will be imposed for any overdue books and other materials for each item.
  • For second week onwards, RM2.00 will be charged for each overdue item.
  • Staff will NOT be allowed to borrow other books or any other materials until they have settled their fines.


  • Any books / materials lost or damaged must be informed to RC staff.
  • Student/Staff will be charged a replacement cost if an item borrowed is lost or damaged.

The replacement cost compromises of:-
i) Book price
ii) Outstanding fine (if any)

There are five (5) subscribed online databases available :-

  1. CINAHL Plus with fulltext
  2. MEDLINE Complete
  3. Emerald Business, Management & Strategy
  4. Clinicalkey pharmacy e-books
  5. Clinicalkey Nursing e-books

CINAHL Plus with full text

  • E-journals database in nursing, physiotherapy & health information management
  • 700 titles of e-journals
  • Log on to http://search.ebscohost.com
  • For user id and password please click here

MEDLINE Complete

  • E-journals database in medical, medical imaging, pharmacy, healthcare management, occupational therapy & psychology
  • 1800 titles of e-journal
  • Log on to http://search.ebscohost.com
  • For user id and password please click here

Emerald Business, Management & Strategy

  • 56 titles of e-journals
  • Subject area : Business, Management & Leadership
  • Access in campus & off campus
  • Log on to http://www.emerald.com
  • For user id and password please click here

Clinicalkey pharmacy e-books

Clinicalkey Nursing e-books

Remarks: Details for the online database can be accessed by using an internal official email eg : xxxxxx@student.kpjuc.edu.my

The library collection is centered mainly on areas relevant to the programmes offered and particularly geared to special interests and requirements of students and academicians at the respective institutes. The collection included:

Open Shelf
The open stack collection consists of textbooks and monographs of various subjects acquired to support the learning, teaching, and research needs of the campus. All academic staff, students, and valid registered members of the Library are allowed to borrow from this collection.

Red Spot
Collection of textbooks and reference books that are available for overnight loan only.

Online Resources
The Library subscribes to major electronic databases in various subject areas. These electronic databases include e-journals, e-books, and citation indexes. It can be accessed via the Library website.

Theses/ Final Year Project
Our Library consists of a collection of theses/ final year projects of students. Students can use it as a reference.

Non & Printed Material

  • Books, journals, magazines, student assignments & portfolios, and thesis.
  • CD and DVD