Pharmacy is all about creativity, and KPJUC provides the platform for students to not only learn, but make new discoveries. The campus has the most up-to-date, sophisticated instruments and hands-on training through high- quality teaching, from both local and international professors. What set KPJUC apart from others institutions is that all the Bachelor of Pharmacy graduates are confirmed Provisional Registered Pharmacists (PRP) placement at selected KPJ Hospitals throughout the country. We have honed a well-designed curriculum that does not only focus on clinical pharmacy disciplines but the entire industry, so graduates have versatility in their career path. We place emphasis on smaller student intakes to foster a higher level of student-lecturer learning time and classroom attention.

4 MQA Accredited Academic Programmes


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Deputy Dean School of Pharmacy
Program Coordinator Master of Sciences in Pharmaceutical Technology
Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)
Program Coordinator Bachelor of Pharmaceutical
Program Coordinator Diploma in Pharmacy
Coordinator Industrial Training