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The role of Substance P and inflammatory mediators in underlying mechanism of traditional Malay massage (urut Melayu) in reducing muscle stiffness and inflammation for stroke rehabilitation

Stroke was the third leading cause of death for non-communicable disease. Stroke Deaths in Malaysia reached 15,497 or 12.19% of total deaths. Traditionally, massage is performed using systematic manipulation of soft tissue of the body for muscle stiffness reduction or other therapeutic purposes. The traditional Malay massage (TMM) practitioners describe that urut Melayu optimize blood flow and relieve the clients of wind, which if left untreated can turn into mucus and finally solid lumps. These effects could relieve and control remodeling of nerve and muscle. The major role of substance P (SP) in the onset of muscle stiffness and inflammation is increasingly being recognized. SP is a neuropeptide produced in a subset of capsaicin sensitive sensory peripheral neuron cell bodies, plays a pivotal role in the transmission of noxious stimuli in the spinal cord. However, there is a lack of scientific evidence to support the practice of TMM and the mechanism in reducing and exerting its effect on remodeling of nerve and muscle post-stroke. There could be a link between the immediate effects of TMM that may reduce the formation of SP in patients with stroke. Thus, the study aim is to investigate the role of SP and inflammatory mediators in underlying mechanism of TMM in reducing muscle stiffness and inflammation. A 2-arm randomized controlled trial will be conducted. A total of 66 eligible participants will be randomly assigned into TMM or control groups. Results of this research will be instrumental to elucidate the value of Malay massage on human pathology. Blood and saliva samples before and after immediate TMM treatment will be collected and the inflammation mediator and SP will be determined. Findings from this study will definitely lead to promotion of healthcare service in Malaysia and subsequently improve the recovery and functional gain of stroke patients. 

Dr. Faizah Safina Bakrin
Persepsi & tahap kefahaman Warga KPJ Healthcare Berhad terhadap Wakaf Pendidikan IPT

Kegagalan mengurus pemasaran dengan baik sudah pasti menyebabkan masalah kefahaman sempit masyarakat dan kurang sambutan mengenai wakaf pendidikan tidak dapat diatasi kerana kurangnya sumber maklumat (Ahmad Zaki Latiff 2011). Kajian ini disokong oleh kajian lain antaranya kajian yang dilakukan terhadap warga UiTM mengenai wakaf secara umum mendapati tahap kefahaman mereka berada di tahap rendah dan kurang faham mengenai wakaf (Baharuddin Sayin 2011). Mohamad Akram Laldin (2012) juga yang menyatakan terdapat salah faham dalam kalangan masyarakat dalam memahami perbezaan antara sedekah dan sumbangan, serta pengurusan dana yang bercampur antara zakat dan wakaf menyebabkan minat masyarakat untuk berwakaf semakin menurun. Noor Inayah (2014) menyatakan wakaf pendidikan yang sedang giat mengambil tempat di arena pendidikan tinggi negara, menggambarkan proses transformasi amalan wakaf dari kefahaman tradisi kepada pelaksanaan wakaf dalam konteks pendidikan. Oleh itu, sejauh mana tahap kefahaman warga KPJHB mengenai konsep dan sistem wakaf pendidikan? Apakah strategi-strategi yang boleh dilakukan bagi melaksanakan wakaf pendidikan di KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC)? Penyelidikan berbentuk kuantitatif ini menggunakan instruemen borang soal jawab (questionnaire) bertujuan untuk mengukur tahap kefahaman warga pekerja KPJHB terhadap wakaf pendidikan. Daripada tahap kefahaman yang akan diperoleh dapat menentukan model pelaksanaan terbaik yang dicadangkan dalam melaksanakan wakaf pendidikan di KPJUC.

Mohamad Khairul Izwan Rifin
Evaluation of an Advanced English Communication Continuing Professional Development Course for Adult Learners

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Dr. Nawal Musthafa
A study to assess knowledge and practices  of  hand washing technique of care givers of TASKA in Nilai

Hand washing is an act or activity of washing ones hand’s using water and soap or gel. Washing hands properly can help to prevent the spread of the germs (bacteria and viruses) that cause diseases i.e Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD). Some forms of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections can cause serious complications, especially for young children, the elderly, or those with a weakened immune system. It believe poor knowledge of handwashing technique among care giver at Taska the cause of this activity. M. Raj Kumar (2016), children affected with HFMD is mainly due to poor hand washing practice in nurseries. The research intended to assess level of knowledge and effectiveness of hand washing technique among selected 30 care givers TASKA in Nilai. The Care givers will undergo the pre and post interview and questionnaire. The theoretical framework of the study using Orem self-care theories, performance or practice of activities that individual initiate and perform on their own behalf to maintain life , health and well-being. The Care Givers will supply with Glo-germ kit to access their effectiveness of hand- washing as well. This kit does not require an electrical outlet. Batteries are included with this light. The mini kit is a disposable kit designed to teach 30 to 50 people proper handwashing. The expected outcome of the study will show the observation through selected TASKA.

Salida Johari
Association of Knowledge and Practice on Breast-Self Examination among female residents nearby KPJ Healthcare University College

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Norhayati Mohd Zain
Knowledge and Practice Level on Prevention of Nosocomial Infection among Radiographer and Physiotherapist at Private Hospitals in Klang Valley

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Shasindrau S/O Balakrishnan
Subacute toxicity of Derris Elliptica leaves ethanolic extracts

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Rassheda Abd Rahman
An evaluation return patient for treatment anti cardiac and anti-diabetic group of drugs at KPJ CLINIC WAQAF AN-NUR

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Mohamad Khairul Izwan Rifin
Studies on Vaccinium corymbusom in Aluminium Chloride induced Neurodegeneration in Swiss mice.

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Dr Hanish Singh JC


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