Name Hanim  Talib
Designation  Lecturer
Status Full-time Faculty
Email hanim@kpjuc.edu.my
Highest Degree Level Master in Counseling
About HANIM BINTI TALIB RN, KAUNSELOR BERDAFTAR graduated from Puteri Nursing College of Diploma in Nursing    1995. She started her nursing career as a staff nurse from 1995 till 2001. Her passion in teaching student nurses has brought her to be part of education team as nurse instructor with that she pursue her Bachelor in Nursing at University South Australia and graduated in 2001. She became a lecturer of nursing since 2007. She has 20 years of experience in the clinical areas and Nursing Education. Her area of expertise is Renal Nursing. In lieu with her career as a nurse she challenged herself to take another step in her career pathway by taking up Master in Counseling which qualify her as a registered counselor. Her aim is to help others not only focusing on physical aspect but also psychosocial aspect, she believes a healthy person should always have a peace of mind and soul alongside with healthy body.