Name Mohd Rizal Majid
Designation Lecturer
Status Full-time Faculty
Email rizalmajid@kpjuc.edu.my
Highest Degree Level Master of Corporate Communication

Rizal, read his degree in  Communications from International Islamic University  in 1998 and his Master Degree of Corporate Comminuncation from Universiti Putra Malaysia  in 2013. During the earlier stage of his career with TM Info Media Sdn. Bhd., and AM Bank (M). In 2008, Rizal joined Malaysian Health Promotion Board as the Corporate Affairs Officer. He was entrusted to develop  communication strategies and implement processes, activities and programs with Ministry of Health (MOH), WHO and NGOs in partnership with International Health Promotion network. He too developed, designed, led and managed communications plans to support adoption and awareness for stakeholders.

Rizal has been an academic member of KPJ Healthcare University College for 4 years and he had served the post of Strategic & Corporate Communication  Program Coordinator. Currently serves as a lecturer for general studies and as Deputy Director.