Director Research Management Centre / Senior Lecturer, Medical Imaging Dept

Name Prof. Dr. Norhayati Mohd Zain
Designation Director Research Management Centre / Senior Lecturer Medical Imaging Department
Status Full-time Faculty
Highest Degree Level PhD in Diagnostic Imaging, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
About Norhayati completed her PhD in Diagnostic Imaging from UKM in 2019. She has one year of clinical experience as a diagnostic radiographer in KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital. Her area of expertise is breast imaging and bone densitometry. She has published numerous research articles on breast cancer, breast imaging, bone density as well as research on teaching & learning in various SCOPUS indexed journals. She is a senior lecturer in School of Health Sciences and has been with KPJUC since February 2008. She is currently the Director of Research Management Centre.