Program Coordinator Diploma in Physiotherapy

Name  Nurshazana Akmal Jamaludin
Program Coordinator Diploma in Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy Department.
Status Full-time Faculty
Email [email protected]
Highest Degree Level Master of Medical Science (Anatomy)  Physiotherapy
About Nurshazana Akmal has been working at the Physiotherapy Department, Faculty of Health Sciences since 2011. Currently, she is the Coordinator of Diploma in Physiotherapy. She obtains her Bachelor in Physiotherapy (HONS) from UiTM in 2010, Master of Medical Science (Anatomy) from UKM in the year 2018. A field expert in Anatomy and Physiology, Neuroscience and Musculoskeletal. She has been involved in research and consultancy works in relation to musculoskeletal and physical activities. She has also been involved in advisory for Society of Physiotherapy Association and Fitpro Club.