Name Syakinah Anian
Designation Tutor
Status Full-time Faculty
Email [email protected]
Highest Degree Level Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)
About Syakinah Anian was a former researcher at Institute of Medical Research and participating in a research related on controlling of dengue cases in Malaysia.  Research projects that she had joined are evaluating the effect of sublethal dosage of insecticides on dengue virus 3 replication in Aedes aegypti (L.), conducting mosquitoes colonization by provides the blood containing specific serotype of dengue virus in the cage and performing molecular work to detect the present of dengue virus. Now she’s joining KPJUC and responsible in teaching the diploma program’s students and participating in revising and monitoring of the curricula for the Diploma of Health Information Management.





Contact Info

Lot PT 17010 Persiaran Seriemas, Kota Seriemas, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

Phone: 1 300 88 5758

Fax: 06 7942662

Web: KPJ Healthcare University College